Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Daily Puja for Bengalis

As Bengalis especially Brahmins, we have some daily duties or nitya karma, one of which is daily puja or nitya puja, which includes the worship of five gods (pancha devata):
a. Ganesha, b. Surya, c. Durga, d. Shiva, e. Narayana (Vishnu)

Again there are special days on which specific Pujas must be performed:
a. Hanuman Puja on Tuesday's (especially practiced by Benares Bengali Brahmins), b. Krishna Puja on Wednesday, c. Lakshmi Puja on Thursdays d. Devi Puja on Friday's, e. Saraswati Puja on Sunday's

In order to avoid this partiality to any individual God, I have expanded the scope of my Daily Puja and perform the following nine Pujas in the order given below:
1. Ganesha, 2. Surya, 3. Durga, 4. Shiva, 5. Narayana (Vishnu), 6. Lakshmi, 7. Saraswati, 8. Hanuman
9. Krishna

As per the Puja rule books, one is permitted to perform the common steps at one shot in the beginning. My shortened version of this includes:
a. Achamana
b. Surya Arghya
c. Ganesh and others short Archana
d. Svasti Mantra (I subscribe to the Shukla Yajur Vedi Svasti Mantra)
e. Mandala Sthapana and placement of Kosha in the triangle
f. Asana Shuddhi or the purification of seat
g. Pushpa shuddhi or the purification of seat

Then I start with the individual Puja's for which again I follow the shortened version:
a. Kara Nyasa or placement of Mantra's on hand
b. Anga Nyasa or placement of Mantra's on limbs
c. Dhyana
d. Panhopachara Puja (Puja with five upachara-s, gandha, pushpa, dhupa, dipa and naivedya)
e. Japa
f. Pranama Mantra

The entire process takes me 20-25 minutes.

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  1. Hi Shubhodeep Da
    This is Amitava Bhattacharya. My gotra is bharadwaj. I had my upanayana sanskara at the age of 7. For a year I did my sandhya ahnik and puja. But due to some circumstances I failed to continue. Now I am nearing 32 and want to start the daily puja regularly. I have started but due to lack of knowledge, I think I am not doing it in a right way. I do gayatri japa 108 times in the beginning. Then just read the Kali pranam mantra as Kali is our kuldevi and my ishtdevi too. Rest I don't know, so I don't do. Will you please guide me with detailed mantras or any site where I can get the detailed information. I will write them down and will do as per instructions. I will be really grateful to you. My mail id is bapirox@yahoo.com. I referred Nitya Karma Paddhati book. But got confused. I need a guide. I will be really thankful to you forever for this kindness.
    Thanking you.
    With warm regards
    Amitava Bhattacharya

  2. Dear Amitava,
    Thank you for your message and kind words.
    1. In daily Puja for Bengalis, all Bengalis must compulsorily first worship Pancha devata ( 5 Gods) - Ganesh, Surya, Durga, Shiva, Vishnu
    2. Then one must worship Ishta devata - which in your case is Kali
    So you will have a total of 6 Gods.

    Before starting any Puja, the following must be performed once. I am giving the short version which takes 5 minutes.
    a. Achamana and Vishnu Pranam
    b. Surya Pranam or Surya Arghya Dan
    c. Svasti Mantra (in your case since you are Bharadvaja it would generally be Yajur vedi svasti vachana)
    d. Samanya Arghya Sthapana
    e. Jala shuddhi
    f. Asana shuddhi
    g. Pushpa shuddhi

    After that Puja of each God starts. For each God:
    a. Close your eyes and recite Dhyana Mantra first
    b. Then offer Panchopachara Puja
    c. Then do Japa (3 or 10 times)
    d. Then recite pranam mantra

    This will take 10 minutes total.
    Total Puja time is therefore: 15 minutes (maximum) Longer Puja takes upto 45 minutes, but that is not possible daily.

    For simple daily Puja (Panchopachara) ingredients are:
    gandha (chandan), pushpa (flower), dhup, dip (lamp), naivedya

    If ingredients are not available you may use only water.

    Please let me know if this was helpful.
    Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay

  3. Thanks alot for positing such an wonderful and useful article,I am grateful to you.

  4. Thanks aton for positing such a useful and wonderful article,its truly a blessing.I am very grateful to you

  5. Hi all rajib this side. I habe gone through ur blog. I am brahmin. I do puja daily. I want to share something with all guys here. U may do puja for diffrent deb n debi. U follow some rituals n process howeber the thing is that. U dont need to co-up any process n ritual. Take my word. Just do it regularly. Take a bath. Seat on a asan. Lit a candle or pradip infront of u. Sit in leg crossed. Place ur hand together on one palm. Close ur eyes. Think of ur beloved god. Call him through ur inner soul. N say whatever u want to share. I tell u if u call him with ur inner soul. U will feel that he is listing.n he granted ur puja. Whatever u give with ur pure heart he will take it. N that desire will be fulfill if it is giben in ur birrh cycle. Love him donot fear him. If u do any wrong confess him at that time. He wil take care of that.

    1. Dear Rajib,

      Thank you for your very valuable insights and suggestions. I am sure it will be of great assistance to many of our readers.

      Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay

  6. Oh this is so wonderful !!! I will surely try this,Thank you so much for such a valuable post..

    1. Dear Rohit,

      Thank you for your kind comments!

      Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay

  7. Dear Mr. Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay,


    Appreciate, if you could please let me know how to restart kuldevi(Handir Lokkhi) pujo. It got discontinued for 40 odd years as my dad moved out of Kolkata in search of job and my grandmother before passing away gave it to cousin brothers wife, who we are not in touch with for 30 odd years. Now i was suggested to start this pujo back. Really appreciate if you could let me know how and when is the best date to start this pujo and thereby how to continue doing it everyday(process to be followed) to get grace of Kuldevi quickly.


    1. Dear Mr Debasish,

      Thank you for the kind words. It is good that you plan to restart your traditional family Puja - for what else is a man but a culmination of generations of physical, mental and spiritual evolution? [the fraudulent communists and fake Abrahamic monotheists would have you believe otherwise].

      I request you to refer to the post as well as comment I have made earlier detailing the steps of a typical Puja with kula devata/ devi.

      Ideally one should perform 4 steps:
      1. Pre-puja steps - Achamana, (school specific) svasti vachana etc
      2. (A relatively short but compulsory) Panchadevata Puja - Ganesh, Surya, Durga, Shiva and Vishnu
      3. (Longer main Puja) Kuladevi Puja - in your case Lakshmi Puja
      4. Closing or visarjana activities

      For details of individual steps like achamana, the various shuddhis, please refer to any standard (Bengali) nitya karma paddhati book, like:
      a. Bishuddha Nitya Karama Paddhati (Smritirtha)
      b. Brihat Bisshudha Nitya Krama Paddhati (hardcover edition)

      If you prefer greater details, you may refer to the following (hardbound) Bengali books (available in College Street, Kolkata):
      c. Purohit Darapan
      d. Brihat Purohit Darpan
      e. Purohit Sarbaswa (out of print) - available online in DLID
      f. Hindu Sarbaswa (out of print) - available online in DLID

      If you prefer to understand the steps in greatest of details, including every minor achara, you have to refer to original Sanskrit texts (in order or applicability to Bengali Puja):
      a. Brihat Tantra Sara - truly a detailed text (by Krishnananda Agamvagisha)
      b. Sharada Tilaka Tantra (based on prapanchasara)
      c. Prapanchasra Tantra (the oldest mantra shatrsa text, probably written during the time/ or after Adi Shankaracharya and by someone of his lineage)

      About auspicious date, let me get back to you on this one after consulting my panjika.

      If you have any specific question about certain steps, do let me know !

      Subhodeep Mukhopadhyay

  8. Hi ! I am Debanjana Banejee. I am a 35 year old housewife. Can you guide me how to to the daily puja and also how to worship the tulsi ? I daily light agarbatis and offer sugar balls. What else should I do ?

  9. Beautiful and informative blog...I stumbled on this while just surfing the net. Good Information given here and the most appreciable thing is the encouragement to return back to our vaidik roots. My surname is Chakraborty, am a rarhi brahmin of Sandilya gotra and samavedi shakha and have been lucky enough to continue my sandhya-ahnik and puja regularly since my upanayan. I feel so sad for people who have been brainwashed into leaving these practices and actually be ashamed or apologetic about their own cultur e and traditions in the name of being "educated" and "modern". The communists and the missionaries have really done their work well. Such blogs really help us as a community to find back our roots. Please keep up the good work.

  10. Hi Debanjana......sorry Shubhodeep for answering this query on your blog, but just thought may I could extend a helping hand. For Tualsi, you have to first bathe it .....pour some water on Tulasi with the mantra "Govind vallabhaam devi bhakta chaitanya kaarineem, snapayaami jagaddhatrim hari bhakti pradaayineem" then do the namaskar mantra " vrindayai tulasidevyai priyayai keshavasya cha, vishnu bhakti prade devi satyawatyai namo namah" and finally do pradakshina saying " yani kani cha paapaani janmantar kritani cha, taani taani pranashyanti pradakshinam pade-pade" In addition, as a woman you should never pluck tulasi leaves and see to it that tualsi is not picked on amavasya, purnima, ekadashi, dwadashi, sankranti and any of the yugadya tithis. Hope this helps.

  11. Hi Abhijit , thanks for answering my query, can you also guide me on how to do the daily puja in my home ? I have got Santoshi-ma, Bajrangbali and Shiv linga at home. I don't do any extra puja for them, except the agarbatti . Is this
    ok ?

    1. Hi, Happy New Year and sorry for missing your last post. Daily Puja can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. The only thing is that once started, we should try and maintain the same routine every day. This is the reason which drives people into taking the least elaborate or most simple method so that the routine can be maintained regularly. A very simple puja-vidhi for housewives could be as follows:
      1. Puja is to be done only when women are are free of their monthly periods. No puja is to be done in these times.

      2. After snan and wearing fresh clothes, do the achaman i.e. sip water 3 times saying Namo Vishnu and then say "Namo apavitro pavitro vaa sarvaavasthaam gatoh piva. yah samred pundarikaksham sa baahya abhyantaro shuchih"

      3. Light Agarbatties and a lamp and arrange food offering (fruit / sugar ball / mishti whatever with some water)

      4. Then bathe the shivalinga saying "shivay namah" and other statues / photos and if possible, put a little chandan paste (general rule white for male / red for female except saraswati who gets white chandan)

      5. If you are initiated, worship your guru and say the guru mantra. if available, lay a flower at guru's photo

      6. Take a flower or simply fold hands and worship Ganesh saying "Ekadanta mahakaaya lambodara gajananam, vighnanashakaram devam herambam pranamaamyaham" Put the flower on altar.

      7. Take another flower or simply do a namaskar and say "shivadi pancha devatabhyo namah"

      8. Flower or Namaskar to Ram / Sita / Lakshman (as you Hanuman so before worshipping Him you have to worship Sri ram) Just say Sita Lakshman sameta Sri Ramachandraay namah

      9. Flower or namaskar to Hanuman : "Manojavam maarut tulya vegam, jitendriyam buddhimataam varishtham; vaataatmajam vaanaryuth mukhyam, sri raamdutam sharanam prapadye"

      10. Flower or namaskar to Santoshi Maa

      11. Offer the food and water. Just imagine you are asking them to accept it.

      12. Do a little aarti with dhoop and deep, namaskar and you are done.

      Hope this helps.


  12. Hi! Subhodeep. Swapan Bhttacharjee here. I am very much inspired with your topics.I want to talk with u through ph. If u don't mind please share ur Mob. no. My email id is swapan.surjamit@gmail.com